We realize how important the staff is to making your treatment a positive experience. Our administrative staff allows the smooth management of various patient needs by coordinating your care with your general dentist or specialist. They are well-versed in medical and dental insurance policies and coverage and understand the intricacies of both medical and dental insurance plans.  We accept most insurance plans. 

A patient once said while watching them in action: “Dr. Portuondo, Annie, and Claudia have known each other for over a decade, it is evident that they complement each other in making the practice run like the New York Rockettes”.   

Teri Portuondo, Office Manager

Teri is Dr. Portuondo’s wife and Office Manager; she has been part of his team both inside and outside the office for over 31years. She studied both undergraduate and graduate school at Johns Hopkins University, and received a Master’s degree in Applied Behavioral Science in 1989.  Teri makes it her aim to make every patient feel comfortable and welcomed in our office; .she also attends seminars with Dr. Portuondo to constantly expand her knowledge in the management of the Oral Surgery practice. She has been certified in CPR since 1984. Teri enjoys spending quality time with her three children, and also enjoys interior design/decoration of the office.  

Annie Garcia, Insurance Coordinator

Annie is our Insurance Coordinator, along with many years of experience as a dental assistant; 22 of which have been with Dr. Portuondo. She studied at Robert Morgan and received her Certificate of Dental Assistant in 1993. Annie has been involved with the practice since its infancy, and has helped to develop a very successful report with our patients, which focuses on maintaining their best interest in mind. As our Insurance Coordinator, she explains in detail treatment plans and educates patients on the importance of oral health. She can also answer any question you may have regarding dental insurance benefits. She is multi-talented and equally proficient in assisting in surgeries when the opportunity arises. Annie is extremely dedicated to our patients, and her job. She is the one the administrator depends on to keep everything running smoothly in the front office. Her dedication to the office is second to none. She truly provides great quality care to our patients, insuring a smile on their faces when they leave our office.  Outside of the office she maintains a very busy lifestyle traveling with her husband and daughter. 

Claudia Cordoves, Head Surgical Assistant

Claudia is Dr. Portuondo’s Head Surgical Assistant, and right hand woman.  She received her Expanded Duties License from Robert Morgan and her Certificate of Dental Radiography from the South Florida Dental Association in 2001. Claudia also graduated Cum Laude in Business Administration from Florida International University in 2013, and was the single recipient of the Worlds Ahead Award upon graduation. The Worlds Ahead award is not only for academic excellence, Claudia earned this award in large part, due to the fact that maintained academic excellence, while she worked and studied full time, while caring for her husband, two children and her mother who was battling cancer, all with an amazing attitude and smile.  She joined our team in June 2003, and has been working alongside Dr. Portuondo for the past 12 years. Together they create miracles in complex surgeries. She typically knows what the Doctor wants before he even ask for it. She is a team player that is always willing to help anyone in the office. She is equally proficient in assisting in administrative tasks. She is the one Dr. Portuondo depends on to keep everything running smoothly during surgeries. Her dedication to the office is unwavering.

Catherine Guerra, Surgical Assistant

Catherine joined Dr. Portuondo’s team as a Surgical Assistant in August 2013.  Educated at Florida National College, Catherine graduated with her Dental Assisting Certificate and her Expanded Duties/Radiography License and CPR in 2003.  She also graduated with an Associate in Arts degree from Miami Dade College, and is currently seeking a career in Health Service Administration from Florida International University. She is responsible well beyond her years, a team player and is always willing to help anyone in the office with a compassionate smile.  Catherine is a newlywed and enjoys traveling.